About The Founder

maSmt. Nilima Roy, an eminent classical dancer who is proficient in various Indian dance forms was born in 1951 in Kolkata. She is married to Mr. Arun Roy and is a proud mother of two Arindam and Rupasree.

At an early age she started her training in the Indian Classical Dance style Kathak besides other dance forms like Bharatnatyam, Rabindrik and Folk. Since the age of ten, she was under the guidance of Srimoti Thakur and Sri Soumendranath Thakur. The early years of her training from the eminent Gurus like Smt. KalpanaKar, Smt. Padmanabhan Thampey, Smt. Shampa Bhattacharya and later Smt. Bela Arnab has played pivotal role in nurturing her talent which has created a space of great emotional connect. In Kathak, she has obtained Visharad Degree from Prachin Kala Kendra. Starting from 1964, she has performed in various productions like Kaalmrigaya, Shakuntala, Samanya Kshati, Sagarika, Balmiki Pratibha, Shyama, Chandalika, Chitrangada, Maya-r Khela, Chambabati Bedeni and have participated in Banga Sanskriti Sammelani, Basanta Utsav at Baitanik, Cancer Hospital and Chitrapot.

She has been teaching this art form for years to several hundred students and has been making relentless effort to promote this art form within its strict traditions. It is her love for dance that made her establish Barisha Nataraj School of Indian Classical Dance in 1973 with a motto to protect and propagate this form of Indian culture where students are being nurtured with adroit discipline and dedication for the past 41 years incessantly. She always strives hard to cater to the needs of the students with a dream to make the academy an oasis in the desert like city, which is seemingly getting carried away by the western culture.

In this journey of fulfilling her aspirations, she graciously admits, that all of this could not have been possible without the support of her students who are an extended family now. To this celebrated exponent of dance, the art of communicating through the unspoken word comes as naturally as the composure with which she has taken in her stride the challenges that life has offered at various stages.